Batch Operations

Run your AirOps Apps at scale to generate content, clean data, extract information and more. Let us handle handle rate limits and retries to get the job done.

SKUs Manufacturer Product Names Consumer-Friendly Product Names Consumer-Friendly Product Descriptions Best Products to Cross-Sell
KS1001 Toddler-Guitar(Simple)/no-battery/age 1-3 Smiling Toddler's Guitar A vibrant and easy-to-play instrument that helps your toddler improve their musical and coordination skills. No batteries needed! Perfect for ages 1-3. KS1010, KS1015, KS1020
KS1002 Train-Set(Detailed)/battery-included/age 3-5 Ambitious Railway Set Ignite your child's imagination with this extensive, battery-powered train set. Detailed design promises endless adventures. Suitable for ages 3-5. KS1008, KS1009, KS1011
KS1003 Stacking-Tower(Rainbow)/no-battery/age 1-2 Rainbow Stacking Tower This colorful, rainbow stacking tower encourages your little one's color recognition and motor skills. No batteries needed. Ideal for ages 1-2. KS1016, KS1018, KS1022
KS1004 Alphabet-Puzzle(Fun)/no-battery/age 2-4 Fun Alphabet Puzzle Fun and educational! Teach your kid the ABCs with this colorful puzzle. Helps in letter recognition and spelling. No batteries needed. Perfect for ages 2-4. KS1012, KS1013, KS1017
KS1005 Dollhouse(Miniature)/assembly-required/age 4-8 Enchanting Miniature Dollhouse Let your child's imagination run wild with this enchanting miniature dollhouse. Requires assembly – perfect for a fun, family project. Suitable for ages 4-8. KS1019, KS1021, KS1007
KS1006 Action-Figures(Superheroes)/set-of-5/age 5-10 Superheroes Action Figures Set Ignite your child's superhuman dreams with this set of 5 action figures. Perfect for endless role-play scenarios. Suitable for ages 5-10. KS1014, KS1001, KS1008
KS1007 Art-Set(Comprehensive)/non-toxic/age 6-12 Comprehensive Art Set Foster creativity and fine motor skills with this comprehensive art set. Non-toxic and safe for kids aged 6-12. KS1002, KS1011, KS1023
KS1008 Robot-Kit(Advanced)/assembly-required/age 10-15 Advanced Robot Kit Dive into STEM learning with this advanced robot kit. A fantastic blend of fun and education, suitable for kids aged 10-15. KS1001, KS1017, KS1018
KS1009 Play-Doh(Set of 24)/non-toxic/age 2-6 Play-Doh Creative Set Watch your child's creativity bloom with this set of 24 Play-Doh tubs. Non-toxic and safe, perfect for children aged 2-6. KS1016, KS1003, KS1010
KS1010 Lego-Set(Castle)/1178-pieces/age 8-14 Lego Majestic Castle Set Build your own kingdom with this 1178-piece Lego castle set. Promotes creativity and concentration. Ideal for children aged 8-14. KS1004, KS1022, KS1013
KS1011 Hot-Wheels(Set of 10)/no-battery/age 3-7 Hot Wheels Racetrack Set Rev up the fun! This Hot Wheels set comes with 10 cars and a customizable racetrack. No batteries needed. Suitable for kids aged 3-7. KS1014, KS1015, KS1006
KS1012 Board-Game(Candyland)/no-battery/age 4-8 Candyland Adventure Board Game Step into a world of sweetness and fun with this Candyland board game. A delightful game for family bonding. Perfect for kids aged 4-8. KS1018, KS1019, KS1021

“AirOps has been a key tool in helping clients scale product SKUs, improve on-site copy and rapidly test ad copy variations”

Tyler Wozny

Ecommerce Expert

Run AI powered AirOps Workflows at scale and get the job done.

AI Apps, run at scale

AirOps Studio makes it easy to combine LLM prompts, Python, JS, APIs, data and more to create powerful Tools and Workflows.

Once perfected we make it easy to run at scale. AirOps handles the job queue, allows you to easily download the output and automatically retries failed LLM model calls.


Upload a CSV and let us run large jobs for you.

Google Sheets

Add the AirOps Google Sheets extension and run your Tools by calling a simple =function()


For data teams, call AirOps Apps directly from Snowflake using a UDF function.

Gallery. Some of what's possible.

"Issues": [
	"Issue": "Poor battery life",
    "Status": "Unresolved",
    "Product": "UltraTech Smartphone X",
    "Issue_ID": "1",
    "Priority": "High",
    "Sentiment": "Negative"
  	"Issue": "Sync problem",
    "Status": "Unresolved",
    "Product": "Wireless Earbuds",
    "Issue_ID": "2",
    "Priority": "Medium",
    "Sentiment": "Negative"
    	"Name": "Ilya S.",
      "Email": "",
      "Sentiment": "Negative",
    "Temperament": "Frustrated",
    "Preferred_Contact": "Email"
"Resolved_Issues": [],